Velcoity API: voice.getglobaldictionary

Version 1

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    Retrieves entries on how to pronounce abbreviations on the screen. When using Voice.speak, the abbreviations found in dictionary will automatically be replaced.

    Added in version 1.2.104

    Use Cases

    • You want the device to speak text on the screen that is abbreviated, such as cs or ea.



    var dict = Voice.getGlobalDictionary(); dict['abbr'] = 'term'; 
    abbrThe abbreviation on the screen. For example: cs or ea
    termThe word or phrase that should be spoken. For example: cases or each



    /* Adding additional substitutions to the dictionary. 
    var dict = Voice.getGlobalDictionary();
    dict['ct'] = 'count'; // ct will expand to count
    dict['car'] = 'carton'; // car will expand to carton