All Touch TE (Velocity): Premade WT6000 Transparent Keyboards

Version 10


    All Touch TE (Velocity) 1.2.107 (Released 27 April 2017)

        To download the newest version of Velocity Console/Client, please visit: Software for Velocity Enterprise App Modernization

    Zebra WT6000 wearable


    How To Set Up Transparent Keyboards for the WT6000:

    1. Open a new Velocity project
    2. In the Host Profile, at the bottom turn on Transparent Keyboards
    3. Set transparency to 80%
    4. Set the Keyboard to Cover 100% of the screen

      WARNING: this WILL overwrite other keyboards, Be sure to BACK UP your current project before importing!
    5. Save your project (and or back up your project)
    6. Import the attached keyboards (All Touch TE (Velocity): How to import keyboards from Velocity project files )
    7. Deploy to create the Velocity Config file (.wldep).
    8. Place the .wldep file in the com.wavelink.velocity folder on the device


    How to use the attached keyboards:


    Numeric Keyboard:

    Alpha Keyboards:

    Function Keyboard:



    You can read more about this topic as well in the Ivanti community: Transparent Keyboards for the WT6000 | Ivanti User Community