All Touch TE (Velocity): Premade TC70 / TC75 Transparent Keyboards

Version 3


    Velocity 1.2.107 (Released 27 April 2017)

    Zebra TC70 / TC75


    How to set up a transparent keyboard:

    1. Open a new Velocity TE Project

      Otherwise you will OVERWRITE your current keyboards

    2. In the Host Profile, at the bottom turn on Transparent Keyboards
    3. Set transparency to 80%
    4. Set the Keyboard to Cover 100% of the screen
      IMPORTANT: Make sure your Host Profile options match the below options
    5. Save your project (and or back up your project)
    6. Import the attached keyboards (All Touch TE (Velocity): How to import keyboards from Velocity project files )
      WARNING: This WILL overwrite other keyboards, Be sure to BACK UP your current project before importing!
    7. Press import at the top middle of the console
    8. Import the attached project