SimulScan Overview

Version 1

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    SimulScan is a set of PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS that enables WORKFLOW OPTIMIZATION.

    Integrate SimulScan into your Native Android Application (via DataWedge or EMDK for Android) and

    bring your data capture process to the next level!



    Allow your workers to effortlessly, reliably, and accurately capture & decode

    • A Single Specific Barcode, removing the need for (a) your application to reject wrong barcodes (b) workers to specifically aim at a specific barcode &/or use their hands to block surrounding barcodes.
    • Multiple Barcodes, whether specific barcodes or just a known quantity, in a single trigger pull the barcodes you need, and even the nice to have ones can be captured and parsed directly into your native application.
    • Additional Barcodes-Multiple A- capture "nice to have" information in the same step- no added time!
    Data is Captured and Parsed directly into your native Android Application- All in a Single Trigger Pull!  Reduced Scan Time, Reduced Workflow Interruptions! Reduced Costs!
    Enable your Workers to Capture Information at point of pick up!
    • Barcode(s)
    • OCR (alphanumeric characters)
    • OMR (checkAll boxes)
    • Images-Entire Document or Specific Regions…and even
    • Detect the presence of Signatures and Capture them
    Capture  multiple data types from your structured Document and parse the information Directly into your native application. No more waiting for workers to return paper documents back to the office at the end of their shift, reduce manual entry and get instant access to the information you and your customers need.
    With SimulScan the solutions are endless! Reduce manual entry and use:
    • Use Free Form OCR to Capture a single or Multi-line of Text
    • Capture OCR-A/OCR-B found on universal documents such as Passports, Visas and bank checks.


    Remove Errors, Reduce Time of Manual Entry, Leverage your Zebra Devices for new Tasks!


    Developers can easily integrate SimulScan into their applications- visit the Developers Section to learn more!



    Travel agencies are using SimulScan to capture passport and travel documents. Supply chains are using SimulScan to capture multiple barcodes on labels in one scan. Field workers are using SimulScan to capture check boxes indicating urgency of customer issues giving their business immediate insight to field needs. Manufactures are using SimulScan to scan 10+ barcodes in a single scan. Transportation and logistics companies are leveraging SimulScan to digitize proof of delivery forms and signatures. Retailers are leveraging SimulScan to speed up inventory counting. Take a few minutes and see how SimulScan can improve your workflow and experience.