AppGallery End of Life Announcement

Version 1

    Please be advised that Zebra has decided to exit out of the mobile Application Store space and will no longer offer AppGallery. Zebra will start shutting down AppGallery services as of Oct 31, 2018, and will officially end support on December 31, 2020. Zebra’s Android devices shipping with Android O and above will not support AppGallery. Devices with Android Lollipop through to Android Nougat will continue to ship with the AppGallery client up until December 31, 2020.


    Customer alternatives:

    Customers who have been using AppGallery can leverage an Enterprise Mobile Management solution for the deployment and management of their applications. Customers with GMS devices may also take advantage of Google Play and Play for work services from Google directly. Additionally, StageNow can be used as a free alternative for deploying customer applications.


    ISV Partner alternatives:

    ISV Partners who have applications posted on AppGallery can alternatively post their business application details on App Locator as they are currently doing so already. In the future App Locator will provide an option for a download link to the application hosted by ISVs. Alternatively, ISV Partners can also post their applications on Google Play.

    Also, please note that Zebra applications will be migrated and made available on Google Play. For Zebra partner or ISV applications, please refer to Zebra’s Partner & Application Locator for details on how to acquire the application.

    For full details regarding the AppGallery End of Life please reference the attached Zebra Product Marketing Bulletin PMB3119: End of Sale of AppGallery and Transition to EMM, Google Play and StageNow.

    To view all PMB's by Division, please visit URL: (use your core ID and password to access)