Enrolling an FX Reader

RFID Reader - Cloud Connect™ Configuration and Setup

Enroll your Zebra RFID Fixed Reader with Savanna to establish secure access through the RFID Reader Management APIs. To do this, you must first obtain a claim code and then use the claim code to enroll your reader. 


Cloud Connect™ FX Reader firmware version 3.7.17+

Obtaining a Claim Code

  1. Navigate to https://developer.zebra.com/devices/reader/add 
  2. Select a tenant from the drop-down list of tenants to which you have access.  

Add Devices - Reader

        4. Click Get Claim Token.  This brings you to a page with a code on it. Save the code for use in the enrollment process.

       Note: The Claim Token and Claim Code are the same thing.

Enrollment Code Page

Enrolling your Reader with Zebra Savanna

  1. Navigate to the reader admin console in your browser and login. Read the documentation for your FX9600 or FX7500 for obtaining a host name for your reader. 
  2. Select the Cloud option under the Communication sidebar menu
  3. Enter your Claim Code in the textbox and click the Connect button.
  4. When the reader connects to the Zebra Savanna cloud, the Enrollment Status changes from Not enrolled to  Enrolled in Zebra Data Services.

CloudConnect Not Enrolled

Verifying Reader Enrollment

  1. Navigate to developer.zebra.com.
  2. Login to the developer portal.
  3. Navigate to https://developer.zebra.com/devices/reader. Your device should display in the list of devices displayed on the My Devices page.


RFID Readers page that displays a list of added readers.