ZEBRA TC75X -> Phone number -> unknow

Hello all,

we have a lot of zebra tc75x under android 6 and 7

all device are a sim card, and we use mobicontrol as a MDM and i would like to have the phone number in the console of mobicontrol.

but the information still blank OR unknow as result.

I've open a ticket on soti mobicontrol but they tell me to contact zebra and see if something can be done ...

Someone can tell me, how i can do for to have my phone number visible on my device (setting / about phone / status / sim status / my phone number -> still EMPTY

Any help would be appreciate ...

See picture i've join on this topic ..

thanks for all

Darryn Campbell
I remember I had a similar

I remember I had a similar issue a few years back - this happens when the phone number description property is not set on your SIM card and is not an issue with the device.  Unfortunately I do not know any way to set the phone number on Android (I solved my issue at the time by using a BlackBerry phone).  Searching on Google I see various reports on sites how to set this on Android but nothing reliable - you may want to contact the official Zebra support to get this added as a feature: https://www.zebra.com/us/en/about-zebra/contact-zebra/contact-tech-support.html

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christophe bernard
Hello darry,

Hello darry,
I hope you're well.

Thanks for the reply, the solution is find.
In fact, you have reason the phone number is not WRITE in the sim card. One of my colleague has a SIM card reader and he see that. Just modify the field DEFAULT NUMBER by the phone number and that's all. All right, of course we have 700 devices that's a hard work but actually we don't know if it's possible to make some automation with this.

Well, I would like to thanks you for your time you spend here.
Great, to share your knowledge ...

I hope to help you perhpas one day ..


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