Random yellow print issue on half panel for ZXP31. Need proper API code example for half panel printing.

Hello Everyone,

We have been trying to resolve an issue with half panel printing for several months and are unsure what we can try next. We have printed several thousand prints troubleshooting the issue.

Problem: Randomly the printer will only print the yellow half panel and then display "MECHANICAL ERROR", eject the card and then return to "Ready". Once this happens, there is about a 50% chance it will happen for each following print. Has happened with as few as 7 prints, to just over 200.

This is for an unmanned environment.
Happens on the 6 different printers we have tried.
Firmware is the most recent version.
The printers have been calibrated with "!SA" (ribbon) and "!SAP 1" (card feed) and it still happens.
If we do a "!SA" between each print, it didn't appear in nearly 200 shots, but this consumes a set of panels turning a 400 shot ribbon into only 200.
Sending the exact same data can also encounter the issue.
Here is a video showing the issue:

Looking for feedback on what we could be doing wrong in the API or a sample application.

Thank you,