write RFID tags using ZT410 printer

Hello All,

I have a Zebra ZT410 printer with RFID upgrade kit, and RFID labels "SMARTAC WEB" and "SMARTAC DOGBONE".
I want to do the following actions (with this specific order):

1) write a specific value to the RFID tag
2) read the value written, to confirm that it is correct
3) print this value on the top of the tag

Can you please send me the ZPL-Code needed, to achieve these actions, as I have not managed to figure it out?

Steven Si
Here is an example of using

Here is an example of using ^RFR to read after the ^RFW write command. The value of ^RFR read is then passed back to be printed via the ^FN1 command. For details of the RFID commands, please refer to RFID Programming Guide 3.

<<Sample RFD UPC Tag>>
^FT37,58^A0N,26,26^FDZebra ZQ520 RFID^FS


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