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I have a use case where I would like to programmatically change the label settings. What I do is I have PDF files, I crop some parts of the PDF file and I want to print it through my GK420d (shared as a network printer) onto a 10x15cm label.

I can do the crop and print it programmatically, no issue. The PDF has the right page size. My problem is I can only print to the full size of the label if I open the printing preferences and manually correct the label size to 10 x 15 cm. If I do this manually before printing my label, all good. If I leave it on default or any other settings it won't work because the printed PDF label size will be really small and won't fit the page.

May I ask if there is any way to change it? Maybe by changing some files/registry where it stores these settings or using the LinkOS SDK?

Many thanks,

Steven Si
All printer's settings can be

All printer's settings can be configured programmatically. However, they won't work for the scenario described above, because the PDF was printed through the driver in your scenario. What happens with the driver printing is that the driver convents the PDF into image. The driver takes the converted image and the settings in the preference to form a ZPL and sends the ZPL to the printer. So the printer prints the "PDF" based on whatever the driver sends to the printer. All the settings on the printer will be overwritten by the settings sent from the driver.

Recent, Zebra has released a new firmware Link-OS v6.3 (Announcement | Printers Include Free PDF Direct with Link-OS 6.3), which includes the PDF print in the firmware. This enables the PDF print without using the driver. However, the link-OS v6.3 only support Link-OS printers. The GK420d is not a Link-OS printer. To take the advantage of PDF direct printing, you need to have a Link-OS printer.

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