RFD8500 SDK for ios Development with swift

Hello everyone.
I`m developiing swift application with RFD8500 SDK for ios.
unfortunatly, this was made by objective-c and also, guide book too,
so i`m in trouble to development app.

though the guide, this SDK help bluetooth connectivy is automatically support
and thread safe, I made a class which inherit RfidSdkApiDelegate, and this
register a viewcontroller to RfidSdkInstance, and i try to connect RFD8500 Device
at that time, app crashed!

Error occured at Appdelegate , erro code is EXEC_BAD_ACCESS
I don't know why the error occurred.

One thought
It seems that there is an error in registering a class that inherits
RfidISdkApiDelegate to Viewcontroller, but as in the guide,
it registers with the name EventListener f. Code reference

let instance = srfidSdkFactory.createRfidSdkApiInstance()
let sdkVersion : String = (instance?.srfidGetSdkVersion())!

let eventListener = EventReceiver()


like this

Please respond to people with similar experiences like this.
The development environment is xcode 11.5
ios 13.3 and swift 5.1.

James Swinton-Bland
From this SO answer I would

From this SO answer I would guess that your RfidSdkApiInstance is being auto-released before you try to access it.

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Tom Wilson
Did you get this working? We

Did you get this working? We are looking at doing something similar.

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