Zebra Zmotif Series Printer Emulator not visible to demo app

I have to make an app that will personalize smart cards, both optically and electronically. I don't have the printer ZXP Series 9 with me yet, but it's coming. In the mean time I wanted to try at least something, which brings me to the emulator.

I've downloaded the ZMotif SDK and the emulator from this link: https://www.zebra.com/us/en/forms/card/zxp-downloads.html

I had to stop my IIS because emulator requires port 80 to start (otherwise I get error message "Failed to bind emulator to HTTP port 80"). When I start the emulator it asks me to select a printer. I select ZXP Series 9, and click on Ethernet Printer (button "USB Printer" is disabled in all cases). Netstat command shows that ports 80 and 9100 are open for listening.

I copied the demo project from the folder in ZMotif SDK: ZMotif SDKs\SampleCode\ZXPSampleCode.

I had to convert the project to VS2017, and upgrade target framework to .NET Framework 4.7.2. When I start the demo I'm greeted with a warning "Could not locate a ZXP Printer on USB ports", which is fine. When in Discover Printers group box I select Ethernet and click on Locate Printers I get error message "Could not locate a ZXP Printer via Ethernet", which is unexpected.

What am I doing wrong here? I assumed that demo app would find the emulated printer.

I tried to temporarily pause my antivirus software, but the emulator was still not found.