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I'm looking to do some printer management tasks such as reboot, upgrade firmware, retrieve telemetry information from Zebra ZQ510 printers. My preference would be to do this in a NodeJS app. I'm finding a lot of APIs, SDKs etc. Can anyone help me filter it down? What is my best bet for accomplishing my goal? Thanks

Steven Si
There is an existing tool

There is an existing tool called Zebra Printer Profile Management Enterprise (or PPME). This software can do exactly what you've described above and more. There is a demo for PPME at PPME Demo.

If you want to develop your own webservices, there is a Tomcat based webservices SDK, which is part of Link-OS Multiplatform SDK for WebServices. This SDK for WebServices provides a pre-built Weblink Servlet that communicates with the printers through WebSockets. You only need to add the functions/features you need to the webserver. Here is an article to help get started - Using Link-OS SDK for Webservices to Print from Websites.

If you want to use Node.JS to build your own web server, then you will need to build a Weblink/WebSocket so that the printer can connect to the webserver over the Weblink/WebSocket. Thke Weblink/WebSocket User Guide will help.

If you just want to reset the printers, then there is a cloud based API, SendFileToPrinter, can help you to send a reset command to a cloud-connected printer.

Hope this helps.

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