Low level USB commands / directio commands for barcode scanner DS22

Hi all

I need a list of USB commands I can send to the scanner (DS22) , the reason being I need to change the scanner modes from USB to HID Keyboard wedge and back ... , so was contemplating doing a test by using usb4java and libusb.

The scanner is connected to a USB port , and configured as a USB device , and the software is a POS using javapos as the interface , at times the POS will shell out to a web browser (JXBrowser) , and we need the Scanner to be in Keyboard wedge mode for the duration of the browser app running , and when exiting browser to be set back to USB mode only.

2 Solutions i can try

1) Switch scanner modes via direct USB commands (not sure if port is available if javapos has opened and claimed port), but will soon find out :)
2) Use the SDK , ie release , close ? , open ? , claim , direct io to scanner to set HID mode ? , release , close , direct io to USB mode ?

I need the directio commands and the direct USB control commands in order to try this approach

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated !