In-browser barcode scan refreshes navigation bar


I have a web application that accepts barcode scans from a TC21 device in a hidden text input field.
On a desktop this works fine, but when i use the an android browser app (chrome or edge), the first scan seems to "refresh" the android navigation bar at the bottom of the screen (attached what i mean with the android navigation bar).
I installed the "null keyboard" app and disabled the gboard keyboard, so there would be no keyboard pop-up. It looks like at the moment the keyboard would normally pop up, this "refresh" is taking focus away from the input field.
When i scan a second time, the barcode is usually entered in the input field.

Any idea as to why this is happening?

Darryn Campbell
I did something similar with

I did something similar with an offscreen textbox a while back but it is very much a 'hack' and if you can listen for keypress events as described at then I would recommend that approach.

One thing you could also try with the offscreen textbox however is to use Enterprise KeyBoard and then to either disable it with an API call (though I note you are using a web app so this would not be possible from within your app) or to define an empty custom layout - but the approach I described above to listen for keypresses would still be superior, if possible.

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