Zebra dual sided print command on Zebra Card Printer(ex.ZC300)

Hi, I am currently using Zebra Card Printer(ZC300 specifically) to print double sided card through C# program.
(ZC300 is able to print both front and back side of a card)

Using Link-OS makes everything much easier, but unfortunately, Link-OS supports .Net Framework version 4.7 or higher and i cannot use Link-OS because my company's program is based on .Net Framework 4.5.2.

to workaround this issue, I have been trying to manually connect printer --> construct Print command as string -> convert it into Bytes -> send it to Printer.

I could find ZPL command to solve the basic issue, but i couldn`t find command for printing dual sided and it seems like people do not manually construct commands(make it as string, convert it into bytes) for printing on the zebra devices that support Link-OS.

what is the command for dual sided print? and Can you please share sample of printing commands that contains dual sided print?
like ~XA........command for dual side....... ~XZ

thank you!!