Can I limit the barcode scanner on TC520K touch computer to only scan a specific barcode format consisting of 9 digits?


I have a problem when scanning barcodes with the TC520K touch computer barcode scanner. In my case, there are several barcodes printed close to each other. But it's only one of those barcodes that I am interested in scanning. The problem is that if I don't aim exactly the right way, the scanner scans the wrong barcodes next to the one I'm interested in scanning. The specific barcode I want to scan is a specific value format, the format is a value consisting of 9 digits (0-9). Some examples: "123456789" or "012301231". Is there a built-in feature, method or property in the Android Java EMDK I can use to filter this specific barcode I'm interested in? How can I do this?

I saw that there is an option for selecting different decoders, but I don't think that is specific enough to only target barcodes if a value of 9 digits.


Darryn Campbell
Hi, yes, this can be done on

Hi, yes, this can be done on a per-symbolgy basis.  Under decoder params (, select the decoder, e.g. Code 128 and set length 1 ( and length 2 ( to the same value, in your case 9.  

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