Is it possible to print images with the ZQ210 printer in Android?


I have struggling with this a lot more time than I had excepted, and I have seen in this post ( that the ZQ210 printer is "non Link-OS", so now I am wondering if it is even possible to work with it from an Android application.

For starters, not even the Zebra Printer Utilities app can connect with the printer (as it won't pair, for some reason). I am able to connect to the printer with a BluetoothConnectionInsecure, but the printer language is set up to line_print, making it impossible to print images with the printImage function of the LinkOS SDK (it prints a lot of characters instead of the image, as expected when using line_print).

I have tried several ways to change the device language to zpl, but nothing seems to work, and my boss is hurrying me up to finish with this. So, the question is: Is there any possible way to change the printer language to zpl and print images correctly?

Thanks in advance.

P.S: Some things I have tried without success:

ZebraPrinter printer = ZebraPrinterFactory.getInstance(PrinterLanguage.ZPL, connection)
SGD.SET("device.languages","zpl", connection)
SGD.SET("device.languages","hybrid_xml_zpl", connection)
SGD.DO("device.reset","", connection) (after the previous command)
String setLanguage = "! U1 setvar \"device.languages\" \"hybrid_xml_zpl\" '\\r\\n'";
String pnpOptions = "! U1 setvar \"device.pnp_option\" \"zpl\"";
String reset = " U1 do \"device.reset\" \"\" '\\r\\n'";

Nothing works. The printer language remains in line_print

UPDATE: I forgot to say that the latest version of the firmware (V88.01.04) cannot be downloaded anymore (at least I'm unable to do it), and I think that something could be done with it. The (broken) download link is this:

Steven Si
ZQ210 supports CPCL and line_print only

As you already noted, ZQ210 is non Link-OS printer. It supports line_print mode and CPCL format language. To print the image on ZQ210, the image format and encoding has to comply with CPCL's requirement for graphics. Please refer to CPCL Programming Manual for details. The graphic API in Link-OS SDK is based on ZPL. It doesn't apply to ZQ210 printers.

When ZQ210 is set to line_print mode, it accept both line_print and CPCL, i.e. in implicit CPCL mode. The referred firmware download link works, but you need to log in before you can download.

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