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We are experiencing major problems on the SymbolZebra MC18 in combination with Flutter. We've built apps using DataWedge on MC18 and PS20 devices, but performance on MC18 is terrible, making the device unusable. User presses a button and the app freezes for 2 seconds... We know this is a rather old device with a limited CPU/GPU, but performance is ok, when these lag spikes are gone. We have already filed a issue for it for the Flutter Team (flutter/flutter#71315), but we're wondering...

* if other people are experiencing the same issue and maybe have a workaround for it
* if Zebra maybe has a fix for this (seems to be GPU related, see ticket above

We haven't encountered this bug with native Android development or Xamarin development.

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Darryn Campbell
Please also see https:/

Please also see https://github.com/ZebraDevs/DataWedge-Flutter-Demo/issues/7 and https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/71315I am also interested if anyone else in the community is seeing these kind of issues.

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