Zebra IPL (Intermec) Virtual Device - No Reply?

Hello All, the software I manage for my company is designed primarily around Honeywell/Intermec printers and makes use of IPL for label data as well as manage flow control over the network (port 9000). We're interested in testing the Zebra IPL compatibility layer with Virtual Device, however are running into a small (but show stopper) issue. When we connect to the Zebra printer over port 9000, we're able to send IPL commands and the printer seems to accept them, however it will never send any reply back over the network. For example, if I send <ENQ> (status enquiry), we get no response. <ENQ> is particularly important for us as it should give us the OK signal to send the next label as long as it replies with a <DC1> or <DC2>.

Is there something we're missing for this to work? We're using a ZTC ZT610 for this test and have followed the instructions on setting up / installing the Intermec Virtual Device.


Steven Si
The default TCP port on the

The default TCP port on the printer is the port 9100 or 6101, unless you changed the port setting on the printer. The <ENQ> should be supported by the Virtual Device for Intermec. Since ZT610 supports ZPL when the virtual device is enabled, you could use ZPL commands to check the status instead.

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