TcpConnection - Roll back dependent libs


The code snippet below works in prod but not in my development environment. I kept getting an error - "Unable to determine printer type". I checked out a prior version from GitHub and that app worked fine with the same code.

The fix was to rollback these libraries. I am sure it is probably just one of them, but this fixed my issue:

- FluentFTP (19.2.2)
- BoucyCastle (1.8.2)
- SharpSnmpLib (10.0.9)

These are dependecies of Zebra.Printer.SDK.

Connect to a network printer:

ZebraCardPrinter zebraCardPrinter = null;
Connection connection;

IPHostEntry hostEntry = Dns.GetHostEntry(drvName);
var ip = hostEntry.AddressList[0];

connection = new Zebra.Sdk.Comm.TcpConnection(ip.MapToIPv4().ToString(), 9100);


zebraCardPrinter = ZebraCardPrinterFactory.GetInstance(connection);