How to make a TCP connection to a ZQ520 from a Javascript iOS app via wifi

I am building an iPhone application using react native and node.js and I need it to be able to print labels via a ZQ520. The LINK-OS MULTIPLATFORM SDK is built for java applications, so my plan is to establish a connection to the printer via wifi and then send instructions formatted in ZPL. I have never worked with anything like this before, so I do not know how to make the initial connection.

In javascript, how do I make a connection from an iOS app to a ZQ520 printer over wifi?

Steven Si
The Link-OS Multiplatform SDK

The Link-OS Multiplatform SDK is a collection of SDKs for different platforms, including Java, Android, iOS, .NET, etc. You can use the Link-OS SDK for iOS, which is part of the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK package, for your printing needs on iOS. So the matter is how to let the JavaScript on iOS to call iOS native functions. You will find there many ways to call or pass data between JavaScript and the native functions in iOS.

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