zq320 does not recognize some zpl commands


I'm trying to print a ballot using zpl commands, but it doesn't recognize some zpl commands like ^CI28 for utf8 coding or ^BQN,2,7 to generate a qr code, when using the ^CI28 command it misprints a special character like 'é'; and when using the ^BQ command the printer only feeds the paper.

Steven Si
To print a special character,

To print a special character, firstly you need to make sure that the font on the printer has the special character you are looking for. Secondly, make sure the ZPL uses the correct encoding for the special character. Refer to the Zebra Code Pages for the correct encoding.

If you see the printer just feed the paper without printing the QR code, you need to take a look at the ZPL as a whole, not just the ^BQ command. Debugging ZPL is tedious. There are online tools to help rendering the label image, such as http://labelary.com/viewer.html

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