manage html characters on android

I doing example of scan barcode I follow of code but when run app send error on &amp &lt &gt those are html character here is part of code where show that
how i can avoid error...

protected String doInBackground(ScanDataCollection... params) {

String amp="&";

String lt="<";

String gt=">";

// Status string that contains both barcode data and type of barcode

// that is being scanned

String statusStr = "";

try {

// Starts an asynchronous Scan. The method will not turn ON the

// scanner. It will, however, put the scanner in a state in

// which

// the scanner can be turned ON either by pressing a hardware

// trigger or can be turned ON automatically.;

ScanDataCollection scanDataCollection = params[0];

// The ScanDataCollection object gives scanning result and the

// collection of ScanData. So check the data and its status

/// here start the problem with code &amp and &lt and &gt how is can user or avoid the error.

if (scanDataCollection != null

&amp;&amp; scanDataCollection.getResult() == ScannerResults.SUCCESS) {

ArrayList&lt;ScanData&gt; scanData = scanDataCollection


// Iterate through scanned data and prepare the statusStr

for (ScanDataCollection.ScanData data : scanData) {

// Get the scanned data

String a = data.getData();

// Get the type of label being scanned

ScanDataCollection.LabelType labelType = data.getLabelType();

// Concatenate barcode data and label type

statusStr = barcodeData + " " + labelType;



} catch (ScannerException e) {

// TODO Auto-generated catch block



hope some help