Encode GS1 Barcode

Encode GS1 Barcode


Encode GS1 Barcode

This encodes all data elements in a GS1 element string, as found in a GS1-compliant bar code such as GS1 DataMatrix, GS1 DataBar, GS1-128, or GS1 QR Code, into the RFID EPC memory bank and the user memory bank. If the element string contains an identifier that can be encoded as an EPC (SGTIN, SSCC, etc.) then the output will include epc and tag sections containing that identifier encoded as an EPC. Any other data elements in the element string will be encoded into user memory as displayed in the user section of the output.

Resource URL

https://sandbox-api.zebra.com/v2/rfidcoder /gs1/barcode/{barcode}

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

The filter value for RFID encoding. If omitted, defaults to zero.


The number of digits in the GS1 Company Prefix. If omitted, RFIDcoder tries to figure out the correct value based on data published by GS1.

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

the API key

Request Body

barcode The GS1 element string. Any <FNC1> separator contained within the element string should be represented as %1D in the API URL. null true

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

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