Android EMDK

Unable to resolve com.symbol.emdk:7.0+ after updating to Android Studio 3.6.3

I recently upgraded my development environment to Android Studio 3.6.3 and now I'm not able to resolve com.symbol:emdk:7.0.+.

The actual error is:

ERROR: Unable to resolve dependency for ':freeRDPCore@debug/compileClasspath': Could not resolve com.symbol:emdk:7.0+.

In my, the Gradle version is 5.6.4 and the classpath in build.gradle is 3.6.1.

Show Button on top of ViewFinder

I want to add instructions and a "Cancel Scan" on top of the Camera scanner viewfinder. That would be the ideal. An alternative is if I could modify the height of the ViewFinder while it maintained full width (viewfinderSize scales the height and width which looks terrible). Does anyone know of a way to do this?

I wish I could limit the viewfinder to a layout, but i dont see a way to do that.

TriggerType.HARD seems never work in demo apk

Hello Zebra team
I'm testing this demo ( for our WT6000 and RS6000 Bluetooth Scanner but it only works for soft scan with mode TriggerType.SOFT_ONCE. Actually i want to use hard trigger in RS6000 device therefore i made some changes by TriggerType.HARD but it seems never work

TC56 - Barcode scanner stops working when it going in sleep mode


I am experiencing an issue with the TC56, the Barcode scanner stops working when it going in sleep mode.
I have looked for similar tickets on the forum and found these tickets :
- TC56 disables scanner if in sleepmode (
- Barcode scanner stops working after some time of inactivity (

Bluetooth scanner with normal phones

I have a Zebra Bluetooth scanner- RS507X.
I want this scanner to connect to my normal android phone and provide the scanned data.
The documentation that I found on the website uses EMDK, and the android phones do not support that.

Is there a way we can achieve this without using EMDK?


Scanning when app is minimised

I have a problem which I am explaining below:

I want to make an app that can keep scanning even when it is minimized. So I followed the git example BarcodeSample1 and modified the activity. I have attached the MainActivity (which I modified). Basically I removed the trigger and decoders block from it which I believe I do not need for now. All I need is that even if my app is minimised it can capture the scans.