Zebra devices in Cordova application

Hi Team,

We're planning to develop a multi platform app using Cordova (

We need to support below Zebra devices:
1. Zebra TC52
2. Zebra TC72
3. Zebra MC9300
4. Zebra EC30
5. Zebra WT6000

Can someone please confirm if we can support "Zebra Scanner" supports Cordova application? If yes, please help us with case studies or documentation, so that we can refer the same for development.

Are the Cordova plugin Zebra compatible with SAP Cloud Hybrid mobile app?

Is the Cordova Plugin Zebra compatible with SAP Cloud Hybrid Mobile App?
We've developed an Hybrid Mobile App in Sap Cloud Platform ( Neo subaccount ) and we tried to use the plugin below:
- cordova-plugin-zebra-scanner
It seems not working if the mobile app has been developed on Web Ide, SAPUI5, it seems ok only for Native/Android/Java app.
Anyone else got the same issue?