entreprise keyboard

HELP !!!! Zebra 75TC Entreprise keyboard not there ! How to install it

Hello all,

I have a lot of device under zebra tc75 with android 6 and 7.

we have meet some problem with google keyboard.
for to avoid this, we have install the zebra keyboard on device with our MDM -> Soti Mobicontrol

But i don"t know WHY on some device if i go to setting / input & language / entreprise keyboard IS NOT THERE !!!!!!!!!

How ?

It's not possible i have many device as this.

How i can install it ?

zebra TC75 Android 6 -> Install zebra keyboard how to hide Symbol Tab


I have a lot of zebra device tc75 under android 6 and 7.
I used stage now on last version 3.4 for to install the zebra keyboard.

All works fine on android 7 but i have a problem with some device on android 6
On the xml file we delete the symbol tab but on android 6 that's doesn't work !
The tab still appears ..

Any idea about how to suppress the tab symbol OR hide the emoji icon ?


zebra tc75 enable zebra keyboard and disable google keyboard

we work with zebra tc75x and have more or less 800 devices.
For some reason, i need to block the keyboard google and use the zebra keyboard

this keyboard (zebra) is install on the device.
For configure the keyboard zebra, i make a profile with stage now

a) appMgr:
- disable -> com.google.android.inputmethod.latin
b) appMrg
- enable ->com.symbol.mxmf.csp.enterprisekeyboard
c) entreprise keyboard
- turn on turn off some option