Is it possible to download the firmware for specific printer through Link-OS SDK

Hi There,

Just I have tried to update the printer firmware through Link-OS SDK via Android application. For that, I have used the FirmwareUpdaterLinkOs interface which has available in the Zebra Link-OS Android API (

But my question here is, Is there any interface/option to download the firmware (.zpl or .zip) file through Link-OS SDK or any other Zebra APIs instead of manual download from Zebra Site?

Could anyone help or share your suggestions on this?

ZQ610 Firmware Update Throws Language Unknown Exception


I have downloaded firmware V85.20.20Z from zebra site and I am trying to update firmware on my printer. entire file is successfully downloaded to printer after that it throws Language Unknown Exception. I am testing it from android device. Here is my environment details

Printer : Zebra ZQ610
Current Firmware Version : V85.20.19Z
Exception : com.zebra.sdk.printer.ZebraPrinterLanguageUnknownException

Here is my code which is I am using for update,