link-os zebra .net framework

Zebra Link-OS SDK

VB.Net Zebra Link-OS SDK printing Barcodes print fine on my development box. Deployed code throws an Object Reference error when calling the Print method. Used NuGet. Included the support files identified by NuGet.

I am printing cards with Barcodes and without barcodes. The cards without barcodes print fine. The cards that have a barcode throw and Object reference when this line of code is executed.

Dim jobId As Integer = zebraCardPrinter.Print(1, graphicsData)

Documentation for the .NET Zebra SDK is outdated

The current version of the documentation for the .NET Zebra SDK seems to be pointing to v2.14.1989 (.NET 4.7), while the latest version is 2.15.2634 (.NET Standard 2.0). There seems to some changes to the SDK where things like Zebra.Sdk.Printer.Discovery.DiscoveredPrinterBluetooth or Zebra.Sdk.Comm.ConnectionBuilder does no longer exist.