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Encoding RFID code which size is more than 96 bits on R110Xi4 printer


We are using ZD500R, R110Xi4 and ZT410R. We have an issue while encoding RFID code which size is more than 96 bits on R110Xi4. We are using the next command to add RFID code to zpl code: "^RFW,H,,,A^FD{RFID}^FS". On our other printers, this code works fine. Could you please provide some solution on how to extend the encoding size for R110Xi4? Which command should we use? Could you please send us some zpl code example with RFID which is more than 96 bits size and should work properly on R110Xi4?


What is the right way to print zpl code using Link-OS (for .NET)


I'm looking for right way to print some zpl code using Link-OS .Net. I want to make calibration using "^XA^HR^JUS^XZ" command and then send to printing other zpl code. How to wait for a response from the printer or something like this? Because I need to know when calibration will be finished. Currently, I'm sending zpl code to the printer using this code: