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Using RFD8500 RFID scanner in Flutter / ReactNative / Xamarin App


I have a need to develop an App that should work in both Android and iOS devices. The "ONLY" prominent requirement for me is that my App should communicate with RFD8500 scanner to scan UHF RFID tags.

Since my App MUST work in Android and iOS devices, instead of creating a "native" App, I'm going to create a "Cross Platform" App.

Connecting to ZQ110 Printer from React Native App using Bluetooth

Dear everyone,

We have been trying to develop a React Native application capable of printing with Zebra devices.
Printer: ZQ110
S/N: XXZN19-18-0002
Firmware version: ZQ110_V1.04 STD 062917 (upgraded from 1.0)
Self test image file attached for additional information

Libraries Tested: