Rfid fx7500 multiplexer

How can use FX7500_SDK enabled NXP UCode8 Inlay EAS

I am using FX7500 RFID. I am facing some issue.

I want to use FX7500 to enable the EAS function of UCode8 chip.

Current operation:
I found the description of NXP Command in the FX7500 SDK operating manual. For the enabling of the EAS function, the description uses SetEASWait, whichallow setting or resetting the EAS bits on one or more NXP tags., but I encountered this error "Change EAS on tag failed" [MotoNXPOpSpecResult failed: No response from tag]", what is wrong? Please help me.

FX7500 and multiplexer

My Company is writing app that uses FX7500 Rfid reader and multiplexer. We are controling multiplexer throught GPIO ports (state status looping), and we can get readings from correct antena input from muliplexer. The problem is we don't know from which multiplexer antena input tag is read, because tags are buffering and state status of GPIO has changed when ReadTagEvent occurred.
Is there any way to attach GPIO state status to tagData (when tag is seen) with LLRP or API3, so we can correctly pair tags with multiplexers antena ports ?