Zebra printer get status takes too long


We have a ZT230 connected to USB port and have been using ZSDK_API.jar to access Zebra printer.
It works, but it takes almost 30s to que status response before printing,

To discover the VID/PID of connected USB printer, we use:
"printer" = java -jar ZSDK_API.jar discover -u

Then, to get printer status:
java -jar ZSDK_API.jar status -p "printer"
This command takes 30s to return.

Submitting a new iOS application to App Store using the RFD8500 SDK


I'm on the process of submitting a new application to the Apple Store that uses the RFD8500 SDK. Apple has rejected the application because:

/////////////////Message from Apple /////////////////
MFi - Program Authorization

We are unable to post your app to the App Store at this time because your app has not been authorized by the accessory manufacturer to work with the MFi accessory.


Zebra Data Services Providing 4 New SDKs

As enterprise software developers, we want things as easy as possible.  The Zebra Data Services team understands and has created 4 new SDKs in your favorite programming languages.  Now you can work with our Data Services using an Android-Java SDK, a .NET Core SDK, a Python SDK or a JavaScript SDK.  They will soon be available on your favorite package management systems as well.

Bluetooth Auto-Reconnection Problem with Scanner SDK for Android

I'm developing Android Application for Warehouse Management System.
Our App have simple functions.
1. Read Product ID by scanning barcode on the box via Bluetooth with Zebra Barcode Scanner DS2278.
2. Upload Product ID and Qty to WMS server.

We are using Zebra Scanner SDK for Android to connect and scan barcode with DS2278.
( )

Restrictions on non-SDK interfaces with Android Pie

Starting with Android Pie (API level 28), Android will start restricting which APIs your application can call if they are not part of the public API.  These restrictions apply whenever an app references a non-SDK interface or attempts to obtain its handle using reflection or JNI but do not affect calls to the EMDK or other third-party APIs.