ZPL - Documentation Error

Page 721 of the SGD Printer Commands section of the ZPL 2, ZBI2, Set-Get-Do, Mirror, WML Programming Guide P1099958-002 published August 26, 2019 in the example Listed under SetVar

It repeats the content from the device.pause but it's pretty out of context, and takes inference to understand that device.pause and device.unpause are 2 separate commands.

Quickly reading this caused me to think that the SGD command device.pause worked to both pause and un-pause a printer.

The example should read something similar to the following:

Zebra LP2844 can i somehow obtain if page was printed status?

If i understand correctly this printer LP 2844 does not support SGD commands, yes?

What about ELP command URR?

Is there any option how to obtain if printer is ready for print or the status of odometer?

I need it to confirm that the page was printed.

Thanks for answer