Hi everybody,

I would need to get to right path to complete the following actions with the TC20:

Captures if N tags rfid
link barcode readings
Get data and encapsulete within HTTP Put

Could you please help me in finding those information?


SpeechRecognizer TC20


I'm developing an app for TC20, and i need use the speech recognizer.

Is posible to use this function?

When i try start the recognizer, throws me the error "bind to recognition service failed".

I tried it on my cell phone and it works perfectly.

Who knows if the speech recognizer is compatible with the TC20?


Printooth from TC20 android doesn't print when thermal printer is in TPCL mode

I developed an APP to run on Zebra TC20 with Android, I am using Printtoth library to print in one thermal printer. My APP is printing nomally when the printer is in ESC/POS mode, but if I change the printer's configuration to TPCL for Label feed control, than the it looks like the printer receive the command but doesn't print. I anyone knows how to control the printer's behaviour by software please share.