Data Input from USB HOST port in ZBI program

I have ZBI program to print labels that depend on barcode data from the USB Host.

I realize I can use Print Station Mode with a ZPL to capture USB Host input, however, I need the data inside a ZBI program in order to further process to network resources.

I can't determine the correct port name or syntax... Please help! Thanks!

ZBI Developer and web server in local area network

i've try to write program which should connect to web server in LAN and get zpl label.
I've try to debug it in ZBI Developer.
I've connected TCPClient port to Physical connection, but i always got an error "Unable to open port"
May be port should be configured somehow.
Here is connection code

Zebra ZD420 ZPL -> ZBI webservice

Hello All,

We are working on Zebra ZD420. I have a task to call a web-service and capturing the output in ZBI.
According to Zebra Dev Talk ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPYB8iq8goE 15:18) it is possible through triggering web alert.

I found no information how to implement that especially capturing the response.

thanks in advance

Is it possible to use USB HOST port in ZBI program

I developed a ZBI program to print labels that depend on information retrieved via TCP port.
In case of network issue, I need to be able to connect a barcode scanner to the Usb Host port and retrieve the data to replace the normal TCP data.
But I can't find the correct port... I try USB_HOST which is used on SGD printer command but it doesn't work.
If you have any ideas???
Thanks in advance for your help !

USB Host and ZBI

Please does anybody know how to use the USB Host port (ZT410 etc) for ZBI data input?
I didn´t find the OPEN command name for this. I want to connect scanner/keyboard for data input in my ZBI program, but the data are ignored.
The OPEN USB means the USB port on the printer but no the USB host?
Any experience please?