Connection with printer in iOS Application.

Hello guys.
I have got some problem.
My App works with printer Zebra ZQ520. I connected with BLE. When I send some command like
private func writeZebraScript(zpl: String) {
guard let bytes = zpl.data(using: .utf8), let chars = self.discoverWriteCharacteristic
else {
let error = "Problem with data for zebra script.\nBytes =" +
"\(zpl.data(using: .utf8) ?? Data())\nCharacteristic = " +
"\(String(describing: self.discoverWriteCharacteristic))\n"

How to make a TCP connection to a ZQ520 from a Javascript iOS app via wifi

I am building an iPhone application using react native and node.js and I need it to be able to print labels via a ZQ520. The LINK-OS MULTIPLATFORM SDK is built for java applications, so my plan is to establish a connection to the printer via wifi and then send instructions formatted in ZPL. I have never worked with anything like this before, so I do not know how to make the initial connection.

In javascript, how do I make a connection from an iOS app to a ZQ520 printer over wifi?