TC-57, Only front camera opens, not back camera


I have developed an application, in that application there is one button, when user click on that button then it opens default camera of device and user can capture image using rear and front camera of device but TC-57 doesn't allow to open back camera, it only opens front camera.

Please give suggest for the same.


[ANDROID 10] zebra sdk v2.5.3.0 Unable to manually pair scanner


I'm not able to use a scanner manually paired (using the quick start guide, pairing barcode, and then pairing in android bluetooth settings).
Whenever I try to connect with it using the SDK method 'dcssdkEstablishCommunicationSession()', disabling all the auto session reestablishment before, the SDK was unable to connect with the scanner.

Is it possible to download the firmware for specific printer through Link-OS SDK

Hi There,

Just I have tried to update the printer firmware through Link-OS SDK via Android application. For that, I have used the FirmwareUpdaterLinkOs interface which has available in the Zebra Link-OS Android API (

But my question here is, Is there any interface/option to download the firmware (.zpl or .zip) file through Link-OS SDK or any other Zebra APIs instead of manual download from Zebra Site?

Could anyone help or share your suggestions on this?

Enterprise folder TC25 read/write programatically


Does anybody know how can I read/write programatically to enterpsie/Android/data/ folder or any other enterprise folder?
I see that this folder (enterpsie/Android/data/ is created whan my app is installed but how to access it from code?

We need to save some critical data in case an Enterprise reset is performed.

The device is TC25.

Best regards,

SpeechRecognizer TC20


I'm developing an app for TC20, and i need use the speech recognizer.

Is posible to use this function?

When i try start the recognizer, throws me the error "bind to recognition service failed".

I tried it on my cell phone and it works perfectly.

Who knows if the speech recognizer is compatible with the TC20?


Saving connection details to use for auto connection


Im working on the Link OS SDK (previous generation) and can successfully connect via USB > select printer > print demo ZPL using the demo application.
the printer.Address = "/dev/bus/usb/001/002".

the model im using is the ZD420 with USB interface only.

Given the address, how can I create a Connection object using connection builder?

So that i can simply print the data after the first printer selection.

Zebra DevTalk | Discover Enterprise Browser 2.5 | Wednesday May 20

Enterprise Browser 2.5 has recently been released with a slew of new features such as multi-session support and special keyboard types. This webinar will discuss the new features introduced in version 2.5 of Enterprise Browser along with examples.


                                             Presented by Darryn Campbell, Software Engineer, Zebra Technologies