Cannot print from android app because of bluetooth connection

Hi, I am ahaving problems when printing from an Android app.
I have my app in a yoga tablet working fine but It does not work with a lenovo tab 10 with android 9.
In each tablet it works fine with print connect app but this is not what I need.
With my lenovo tab 10 I can pair the printer correctly but whenever I want to print it tells me that I need to connect the printer to my device. I go to settings, I select the printer I click in connect but nothing happens

Bluetooth Auto-Reconnection Problem with Scanner SDK for Android

I'm developing Android Application for Warehouse Management System.
Our App have simple functions.
1. Read Product ID by scanning barcode on the box via Bluetooth with Zebra Barcode Scanner DS2278.
2. Upload Product ID and Qty to WMS server.

We are using Zebra Scanner SDK for Android to connect and scan barcode with DS2278.
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Printooth from TC20 android doesn't print when thermal printer is in TPCL mode

I developed an APP to run on Zebra TC20 with Android, I am using Printtoth library to print in one thermal printer. My APP is printing nomally when the printer is in ESC/POS mode, but if I change the printer's configuration to TPCL for Label feed control, than the it looks like the printer receive the command but doesn't print. I anyone knows how to control the printer's behaviour by software please share.

Zebra Technologies at Chicago Roboto September 28-29th, 2020

**NEW DATES - SEPTEMBER 28-29, 2020**

Are you an enterprise developer or interested in learning about enterprise development?  The Zebra Dev Relations Team is kicking off the new year as a sponsory  of  Chicago Roboto on NEW DATES - Sept 28th-29th  Chicago Roboto started in 2017 and has steadily grown as an Android conference since and it's Zebra first time attending.

WT6000 (Nougat) where is voice recognition

I am developing an application using Xamarin on an WT6000 that is now running Nougat.
It seems that all of the Google voice recognition apis are missing…
How do I utilize speech or voice recognition services on this device?

Is there another app/utility/api that CAN be used on this device to enable voice recognition integration?
Specifically, I am looking to do speech to text to my app.

Thanks in advance!