Converting Base64 String to ZPL in Android

There's a of a chance that this question has been asked in a different way but this is the scenario. Using a webview on Android, we are loading a webpage that has a button that sends a base64 string to our android app for print. I need to figure out a way to convert the Base64 to ZPL and send it to a ZQ630 Printer that we are currently using.

The options I'm considering - converting the base64 to PDF (within Android ) then to ZPL for print. ---side note, I'm curios if the ZQ630 can also print the PDF directly.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Android ZSDK Bluetooth BTLE ISSUES

I'm trying to add BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support to our Android product. It currently works with Classic mode without issue but this may not be possible with our next project.

I wanted to do some basic testing using the Zebra demo app first so I've downloaded the Zebra Android BLE demo which uses the BTLE lib. ZSDK_ANDROID_BTLE.jar (Version v2.14.5198). It works very poorly compared to Classic mode. I can get it to print a test label probably 1 time in 20 attempts.

The following are the steps I have been following:

How to Access the Properties for Zebra Power Precision+ Batteries

Zebra’s range of Android Mobile devices come equipped with Power Precision or Power Precision+ batteries.  You can learn more about Power Precision / Power Precision+ from the product page but one advantage of these batteries for the app developer is access to a wealth of additional battery information not available on consumer Android handsets:

[TC-20][DataWedge 6.7][Android] How to scan variable number of bar codes in multi barcode mode?

I'm working on simple data collecting and matching program.
There will be 5 barcodes to scan in 2 groups (group of 3 and group of 2).
Scanning them one by one would be to slow, so I need to scan them in multi-barcode mode.
Problem is that I have to declare how many barcodes I want do scan in profile, but I have 2 barcodes in one location and 3 barcodes in another location, so I would need kind of flexible profile that would just accept min 2 and max 3 codes.

Not able to parse bug report in Battery Historian


I'm able to generate a bug report from TC75 and analyze it using Battery Historian.
But when I try to do the same with TC57 and TC77 it throws me an error saying : "Exception found in battery dump."

It says that it is unable to find the zone info file in the generated bug report.
I'm following the same process with all 3 devices.

I've attached an image with the error for reference.

Thanks in advance,