barcode scanning

DS4308 OPOS Encoding QR-Code


I have a small problem with the string returned via Opos. It works miraculously in the test app. In the application attached with C # unfortunately not.
And that is the string prefilled with ""; \ u0010 \ u0003 \ 0 ".) In the test application this works without problems.
Unfortunately I can not understand in the source of the test application what is encoded where,
DataEventEnabled and DecodeData are true and seem to go too.

It is a ds4308 scanner.

Please help.


Variable Data Scans In Enterprise Browser

I am trying to develop a web app that allows users to scan variable text into text inputs, print a label with the variable data on it, then reset the fields. I would like to embed all the label data into the html file so that the labels don't have to be exported to every printer on the network.

I can print static ZPL from the web app but I can't seem to get my printData function to recognize a variable with HTML data. Is there a way to do this?