[TC-20][DataWedge 6.7][Android] How to scan variable number of bar codes in multi barcode mode?

I'm working on simple data collecting and matching program.
There will be 5 barcodes to scan in 2 groups (group of 3 and group of 2).
Scanning them one by one would be to slow, so I need to scan them in multi-barcode mode.
Problem is that I have to declare how many barcodes I want do scan in profile, but I have 2 barcodes in one location and 3 barcodes in another location, so I would need kind of flexible profile that would just accept min 2 and max 3 codes.

E/ScannerFramework: privV4lGetFrame: Polling 35ms Timeout: 0


I've been trying out the new CC6000, all going well except after a few minutes the scanner in the app becomes unresponsive.

I've seen these errors come in but don't understand them.

E/ScannerFramework: privV4lGetFrame: Polling 35ms Timeout: 0

About the time the scanner became unresponsive these lines got logged.

Migrating from EMDK to Datawedge


Currently, we use the Zebra scanners with EMDK integrated into our app. I've been reading the techdoc and noticed that Zebra "strongly recommends using DataWedge for all applications that require barcode scanning and data capture." It seems like Zebra will also always keep Datawedge up to date first.

So my question is, is it worthwhile to migrate from EMDK to Datawedge? If anyone has migrated before, how difficult is the process?

Thanks a lot!

DataWedge Broadcast Intents are not being delivered

My datawedge version is 6.2.23 on Android 6.0.1 running on TC700K.

I have created a profile in DW that should output broadcast intents, but my app never receives them.

I have tried various combinations of action/category being specified in the intent output:

- Action Only
- Action + Category

My app is built w/ Xamarin and is programmed to receive the broadcasts via a context registered broadcast receiver. I have verified that my app receives the intents when I broadcast them via ADB.


Using a Bluetooth Ring Scanner across Multiple Applications

We have had several customers over the past year or so develop solutions that comprise Zebra Bluetooth Ring Scanners, for example the RS6000 paired with a Zebra Mobile computer such as the WT6000 and running two or more Android applications which will perform scanning.  A common question is “How do I control the ring scanner across these multiple ap

Test Your Zebra Scanning Application on an Emulator

One very common request I see from our developers is the ability to develop applications for Zebra mobile computers using an Emulator.  No emulator images are available for any of our devices but instead developers are advised to code against real hardware - Zebra does have programs for our partners where demo units are available but emulator support remains a common request.


What’s New for Android ‘N’ and the Impact on Zebra Developers

This blog details the developer impact of moving to Zebra devices running Android Nougat (API level 24 & 25). It is the follow-up to my previous blog about preparing for Android Marshmallow (API level 23).  If you are moving from Lollipop directly to Nougat, I recommend you read the blogs in sequence since all of the information related to Marshmallow (e.g.

Moving from the EMDK Data Capture Profile to Datawedge

The EMDK Data Capture profiles enable a user to configure barcode scanning and card reading within their application.



Data Capture profiles have been removed from the latest versions of EMDK, the links in this article have been updated to reflect versions of the EMDK which included this feature.


Ionic Applications on Zebra Devices

Update (31st January 2019):

The Ionic Native Web-Intent package has recently had v5.0.0 released to the latest branch.  This contains several fixes which means it is now possible to use WebIntent rather than accessing the 3rd party plugin discussed in this post directly.  I have updated the sample application in a separate branch to show how to do this,