Add a "Portrait/Landscape" Switch-Icon to the User Mode Screen


I would like to allow the User in EHS, to decide with one tap, whether he or she likes to work in fixed portrait or Landscape Mode or automatic display mode. I´ve read about the XML Config File and the possibilities to Code in specific actions.

Any suggestions? Thanks

EHS - access to WiFi Settings from User Mode

on our TC25 we use Enterprise Home Screen 3.2.1

in our .xml we have the following lines

<application label="Wi-Fi Settings" package="" activity=""/>

with this, our customer can access WiFi Settings while in User Mode. Other Settings are still locked out.

we now have TC26 with Android 10 and EHS 4.0 and the line no longer works.

EMDK Intent not working with EHS auto_launch

I am trying to get the following scenario to work:

* I have a Zebra MC33 running Android 8.1
* The device needs to run one simple app that has one activity which is an EMDKListener and reacts to one intent
* I want to use EHS to restrict the device to this app only