emdk for android

Scanning when app is minimised

I have a problem which I am explaining below:

I want to make an app that can keep scanning even when it is minimized. So I followed the git example BarcodeSample1 and modified the activity. I have attached the MainActivity (which I modified). Basically I removed the trigger and decoders block from it which I believe I do not need for now. All I need is that even if my app is minimised it can capture the scans.

Setting picklistEx on TC20 throws exception

I'm having an issue that I could do with some guidance on. I have a customer who is using a TC20 and a TC52. I'm trying to enable picklist mode with the following code:

ScannerConfig config = this.scanner.getConfig();

config.readerParams.readerSpecific.imagerSpecific.picklistEx = ScannerConfig.PicklistEx.HARDWARE;


This is working on our devices TC51, TC52 but on the TC20 its throwing an exception of "The value is invalid".

My questions are:

Installation failed with message INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY:

From here I have setup the EMDK

When I am using this tag in manifest in barcodesample1 from your github example

<uses-library android:name="com.symbol.emdk" android:required="true"/>

Then Application does not get installed.

Kotlin and developing Kotlin applications for Zebra devices

It is not news for Android developers that following Google’s announcement of Kotlin support during Google I/O 2017, Google have embraced Kotlin as the preferred development language for Android, even to the extent that the “Build your first app” tutorial on the Android developer site will default to showing Kotlin code.


Moving from the EMDK Data Capture Profile to Datawedge

The EMDK Data Capture profiles enable a user to configure barcode scanning and card reading within their application.



Data Capture profiles have been removed from the latest versions of EMDK, the links in this article have been updated to reflect versions of the EMDK which included this feature.