emdk for xamarin

Installing multiple apps using the Barcode Scanner using EMDK

I am using EMDK Library in our different applications, All the applications are using the 2D Barcode Scanner. I am facing one issue when I use the scanner in multiple applications.

Suppose If I install two application in my device.
If I open the app and then open the scanner then exit the app by clicking back button after that If I open the other app it is working fine.


Scanner Config for ITF(2 of 5) / Code-2of5 Interleaved in EMDK Library - Xamarin

I am trying to scan ITF(2 of 5) / Code-2of5 Interleaved barcode using emdk for Xamarin but which not working in my application.
I believe the issue is something related to my configuration. But not sure what went wrong in my code. Please find the source code I am using for your reference.

# I am attaching the barcode which I am trying to scan for your reference.
# Also Please find the Full sample app, That may help you to debug.

Link to download the sample app.