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Play file with mediaplayer on enterprise browser 2.0

I'm trying to play a file from our javascript application through the Mediaplayer api, but I keep running to this error: "Could not play due to IO error". I think the path is wrong.

I did request the EB.Application.userFolder variable, and put my mp3 file there.

The weird thing is, when I request the config file, this is the result: "/data/user/0/com.symbol.enterprisebrowser/rhodata/apps/rhoconfig.txt". But this file (and the rhodata folder) aren't even there. Or am I looking at the wrong place.

Pdf Printing From Enterprise Browser based application.

Hi There,
I am trying to print PDF from Enterprise based application on zebra device. We are able to print ZPL perfectly fine with printrawstring() api. Also we have PDF licenses installed and Printing PDf with BrowserPrint from Browsers as well. But from Enterprise browser I could not find any way to Print to zebra mobile printers. I could not find any documentation around this either.

Can you please provide me any material or code on how to print pdf from EB to printers with PDF lincenses.

Enterprise Browser app - Missing from Google Play Store

We are installing the Enterprise Browser for SAP app from the Google Play Store. But we've just noticed that is missing from the store and has been removed from the Zebra Android app list: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Zebra+Technologies

Does anyone know anything about this? Was it permanently removed or is it only temporary?


Enterprise Browser Cut Off in Landscape Mode


I've run into an issue with Enterprise Browser where the viewport is being cut-off when in landscape mode. I've tried every viewport setting in the metatag of index.html and also tried adjusting the settings in config.xml in various ways. No matter what, portrait mode scales perfect but landscape mode cuts off. It's almost as if it can't account for the Android system bar or thinks the screen is wider than it is.

This is on a Zebra TC520k mobile device running EnterpriseBrowser_v3.0.0.1.

Enterprise Browser Intents for PrinctConnect or PrintSetup


I'm looking to print from Enterprise Browser via Android intents, using PrintConnect. I know this is possible, but I can't seem to find any documentation actually explaining the PrintConnect specific commands to execute this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Zebra DevTalk | Discover Enterprise Browser 2.5 | Wednesday May 20

Enterprise Browser 2.5 has recently been released with a slew of new features such as multi-session support and special keyboard types. This webinar will discuss the new features introduced in version 2.5 of Enterprise Browser along with examples.


                                             Presented by Darryn Campbell, Software Engineer, Zebra Technologies

EB on Android with RS 6000, decodeVolume not working


I use the Enterprise Browser 2.0 on a TC52 with Android 8.1. The application is HTML with Javascript.

I try to disable the sound on a good decode while barcode scanning, because I use EB.Notification.beep, so that I can contro, the beep.

I tried several codes:

scanner.decodeVolume = "0";
scanner.decodeVolume = 0;
scanner.setProperty("decodeVolume", 0);

But the scanner still makes its won beep.

Has somebody has a idea what I'm making wrong?


is here no one who can help? Notification-Panel-Pulldown and Enterprise Browser Bug


I created a setting profile in StageNow which disables the notification panel pulldown menu.
It works great on homescreen and with all other apps, but if i open the Enterprise Browser the notification panel pulldown menu is back again.
Will the StageNow setting overwritten or is there a parameter I don´t know in Enterprise Browser Config?

I tried it on the VC80 and the TC72 device. Both the same problem.

Variable Data Scans In Enterprise Browser

I am trying to develop a web app that allows users to scan variable text into text inputs, print a label with the variable data on it, then reset the fields. I would like to embed all the label data into the html file so that the labels don't have to be exported to every printer on the network.

I can print static ZPL from the web app but I can't seem to get my printData function to recognize a variable with HTML data. Is there a way to do this?

rho api-modules.js problem with demo project?

I have a problem with launch demo project downloading from Zebra API's
After start EB 1.x Barcode API demo in Motorolla mc92n0 from EB Sample Apps - JavaScript API Demos is showed popup message with code.
I think this is missing js file - rhoapi-modules.js
Does anyone have such a file, or knows what causes such a mistake?