Issue with response from SGD command “rfid.error.response”

I am using ZD500R printer with my iOS app. I am using SGD rfid.error.response to check for RFID errors happened during printing.
But sometimes instead of expected response mentioned in document , I am getting Host status as response.

Ex: We are getting this in response:
Instead of “RFID OK”

Issue with printer(ZD500R) alerts on iOS

I am using ZD500R printer with my iOS app. I am able to get alerts from printer using TCP/IP connection. But I am facing an intermittent issue where alerts are not coming to app, but printer is still connected to app and I can execute print operations. To solve this issue, I have to restart printer and then it works fine.

Can anyone please guide me or suggest solution to fix this problem.

Please Note: I have used packet sniffing tool as well to check if printer is sending any alert or not. Printer was not sending any alert to specified port and IP address.

API for converting image to ZPL before send to Zebra printer


I am looking for Zebra official API for converting image to ZPL.
I am working with Zebra label printer.
I want to send ZPL with image but I can't find API which is converting image to ZPL.
Currently I am doing store image, then write ZPL. However, I want convert image to ZPL, then it add to ZPL so I only write ZPL without store image.
This is because storeimage() API has delay so I can't use printer buffer.

Link-OS SDK print at shared card printer


I am currently developing Java program to print card at ZC300 card printer (Link-OS SDK). I need to connect to printer by using shared name as "\\ComputerName\UsbShareName".

I have come accross this article but for C# - . I need something equivalent to this but in Link-OS sdk.

P.S : I have tried connect using com.zebra.sdk.comm.DriverPrinterConnection but no luck.

PrinterUtil.convertGraphic() in iOS Link-OS SDK


I want to know how I can convert to ZPL from image.
There is SDK function PrinterUtil.convertGraphic() on JAVA, Android SDK.

However I can't find it in iOS SDK.
Is there other function or options If it doesn't support from iOS ? (not store image)

This is because I can't use printer buffer since storeimage() slower than write(), the image placed next label.
I have to check one by one before next label data.

Link-OS SDK for Android | Permissions and Bluetooth API

Nowadays, most of our Zebra printers are equipped with Bluetooth (BT), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or both (BT + BLE). There is a Bluetooth User Guide for Zebra printers, which covers how the Bluetooth technologies (both BT & BLE) are used in Zebra printer production lines, the security mode, pairing and configuration, etc.

Is there any file size or any other restriction while printing PDF files through PDF Direct?

Is there any file size or any other restriction while printing PDF files through PDF Direct?
Actually I have printed few PDF files through PDF Direct in the ZD620d printer, some of them not printed, it prints as blank.
Please share your thoughts and suggestions to resolve this issue.