Is it possible to download the firmware for specific printer through Link-OS SDK

Hi There,

Just I have tried to update the printer firmware through Link-OS SDK via Android application. For that, I have used the FirmwareUpdaterLinkOs interface which has available in the Zebra Link-OS Android API (

But my question here is, Is there any interface/option to download the firmware (.zpl or .zip) file through Link-OS SDK or any other Zebra APIs instead of manual download from Zebra Site?

Could anyone help or share your suggestions on this?

Enabling Bluetooth​​​​​​ and Bluetooth Discovery on Zebra Link-OS Printers


Many of Zebra’s Print DNA tools require Zebra Link-OS printers to have Bluetooth® installed, enabled, and discoverable. This blog will teach how to perform the following using Zebra Link-OS Printer and a Windows or Mac computer: 

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Not printing correctly using link-os Library on iOS Device


I am using link-OS Zebra library in iOS app for printing badges(Images). I am using ZEBRA ZD500 printer.
And I am using following method for print:

- (BOOL) printImage:(CGImageRef)image
error:(NSError **)error

I am passing -1 for width and height.
because passing -1 will preserve original width and height.

Link OS v2.15.2634 - Only TCP

I'm wondering what's happened to any USB or Bluetooth objects in v2.15.2634 of Link OS?

I've installed the nuget package into Visual 2017 and all I see are TCP objects. TCPConnection, TCPDiscoverer are in there but nothing for USB or bluetooth.

I'm trying to develop a UWP app and visual studio won't let me install earlier versions of the sdk.