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Print directly from .NET (C#) to ZQ620 Printer via WiFi

We have tools setup that run via a Progressive Web Application in React via Google Chrome. We want to be able to send very rudimentary text information via API call to our .Net backend and then print directly to a ZQ620 printer. This application is used in a warehouse setting and thus minimizing user interaction with the device is important. Thus, we want to print directly from the server to bypass the confirm pop-up and the need to generate a preview.

Print data on Zebra printer with Russian languge

I use Zebra ZQ220 printer. When I send text from Android via bluetooth to printer in russian languge:

! 0 200 200 200 1
TEXT 14 0 20 80 Привет мир

I have in result something like this:
Привет мир

How I can fix this?